The writer whose book became ‘The Social Network’ just sold another book about the Winklevoss twins

The title could just as easily be “Sweet Justice.” The U.K.-based publishing house Little, Brown has agreed to publish a new book about Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who famously settled a

The Best Times To Get A Grip On Your Startup’s IP

What’s a tech startup’s most valuable asset? It’s not the seed money. It’s not the workspace. And it’s definitely not the espresso machine or Ping Pong table. The priceless heart of a promis

The Winklevosses Vs. Silicon Valley

The Winklevoss twins had <a href="">their original case </a>against Facebook dismissed yesterday, causing

The Winklevosses Do Not Like Being Called ‘Assholes’

When asked yesterday at the <a href="">Fortune Brainstorm tech</a> conference whether the infamous scene in 'The Social N