• – No Longer the $3 million Wikipedia Killer

    John Gotts, the entrepreneur who agreed to pay $3 million for the domain name and reportedly told people he was “going to kill Wikipedia” may have thrown in the towel after just a few months. Instead of launching the promised Wiki site with MindTouch software, the site now simply redirects to Wikia, another wiki service affiliated with Wikipedia founder Jimmy… Read More

  • partners with MindTouch, says $3m domain is a deal

    Entrepreneur John Gotts has agreed to pay almost $3 million to purchase the domain With skeptics saying that he’ll back out of the deal through a contract clause or that the purchase is a huge sign of a bubble, Gotts announced today that he has teamed with San Diego based wiki provider MindTouch to make a serious wiki play with the domain name at the center of their strategy. Read More