• Don't Post The Evidence Unless It Supports Your Case

    For those of you not closely following the drama between social network platform Ning and a popular widget provider called WidgetLaboratory, you can read the background here. On Friday Ning unceremoniously shut down their access to Ning, making all those widgets vanish. WidgetLaboratory cried foul, saying they’d done nothing wrong, that the ban was “completely without any… Read More

  • WidgetLaboratory Strikes Back At Ning Where It Hurts

    Yesterday we reported on Ning’s termination of its most popular premium widget developer, WidgetLaboratory. Although apparently justified, Ning removed all WidgetLaboratory widgets from its platform without warning to the community, and in doing so broke many of the social networks that had been created by its members. The decision was met with a backlash from the Ning community, as… Read More

  • Ning Shuts Down Premium Developer WidgetLaboratory

    Ning, the build-your-own social network platform, has removed all widgets created by popular premium developer WidgetLaboratory. The news has come without warning and is being met with outrage by a number of users who have spent hundreds of dollars on the widgets to build up their social networks. WidgetLaboratory sells its widgets for around $30 a month, and has managed to become the… Read More