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Popping Popcorn With Lasers Is Awesome And Healthy

Forget air-popped popcorn. That’s just a bunch of hot air! (lol) You need laser-popped popcorn. All it takes are two Arctic Spyder blue lasers from Wicked Lasers and a couple of hours. But then!

Review: The Torch, a $300 flashlight

Let’s be honest for a moment: an awful lot of the stuff we cover here at CrunchGear isn’t really necessary. All the silly USB gadgets, geek gizmos, and other doodads are fun to own, but do

Video Review: Spyder II GX laser

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/scaledimg_7546.jpg">There are lasers and then there are lasers. The Spyder II GX is a crazy 200-300mW green laser that can burn through p

Review: WickedLasers Elite series lasers plus a giveaway

Giving a man of any age a powerful laser is like giving a bear an AK-47: it’s in his very nature to point it at things and look menacing. Thankfully, the bear is rarely able to do any damage &#8

Wicked Lasers: MobileCrunch Says They're Wicked

Perhaps this is what Paul Simon was talking about when he sang about “lasers in the the jungle” — a crazy-powerful 95 milliwatt green laser from Wicked Lasers. I’ve seen these