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  • Galaxy Tab Seven Will Run Gingerbread 2.3.4

    The original GalTab is a tough beast to love. It ran an outdated version of Android in the face of an onslaught of Honeycomb tablets (remember, this was November 2010 when it was launched) and everyone hated on it for being underpowered. Well, the next version should be a bit swifter and, more importantly, run an updated version of Android Gingerbread, 2.3.4. Read More

  • HTC WinMo phones could allow hackers to infect you via Bluetooth

    While this will never happen to you ever, if you own an HTC running WinMo 6 or 6.1 you could get hacked if you accept Bluetooth connections from an untrusted source. Also if you accept Bluetooth connections from an untrusted source you deserve to be hacked. The exploit uses the Bluetooth OBEX FTP service to crack into your filesystem and traverse directories, allowing your copy of… Read More

  • Sharper Image looks for a new image with cheap iPod docks

    The Sharper Image is taking on new pricing strategies and channels of distribution with a cheap line of iPod docks to be sold outside malls and in places like department stores and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Click on for a few pics of different docks. Read More

  • Updating your iPhone reduces yellow coloration, we are all dying, slowly

    6.8 million American adults are morbidly obese Ars Technica is reporting that by updating your firmware to 5A347 you can reduce that nasty yellow color of your iPhone. In related news, we are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is a presidential election on right now, we could begin bombing Iran in the next month or so, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are receiving government assistance due to… Read More

  • U2's manager: Piracy is the fault of the ISPs!

    [photopress:dummy.jpg,full,center] While Bono is using technology to help eradicate AIDS in developing countries, his band’s manager is having a hard time of it. See, he hates Internet piracy. He believes ISPs should keep file sharers from sharing files. He believes that the labels and world government have created “thieves’ cartels” by not penalizing service providers… Read More

  • AT&T rolls out Samsung a517

    Stop the presses! AT&T has unveiled the Samsung SGH-a517 and it’s only $49.99 with the usual two-year contract. Is it wicked exciting? Probably not. It seems like your average flip phone. ::shrug:: I didn’t think we needed another one. Does this look any different from the others? Read More

  • Tomatoflash USB Rock Powerhaus

    Tomatoflash! Tomatoflash!
    It’s a USB key that kicks ass! Uses microSD!
    Can’t you see?
    It’s really easy as 1-2-3! Throw your card in the back
    Just like that
    Now you’re ready to ROCK
    Yeah you’re ready to ROCK Read More

  • YouTube Is Now Pseudo-Widescreen

    Dear Readers, Welcome to another day of slow news! It very rarely happens on ‘Tech Thursday’, but today happens to be as slow as molasses, so we’ll try to make this as interesting as possible. A few nerds on the Interwebs have noticed that the YouTube thumbnails have gone widescreen and they’ve jumped to the conclusion that widescreen videos will now be incorporated. Read More

  • Yellow Submarine iPod Coming Soon, Complete With Beatles Catalog

    I dig the Beatles. I really do. When I was in grade school my dad’s vinyl collection was just about the coolest thing ever and he had the Stones and some Hugh Masakela and quite a few Beatles albums. Good times. Good times. So now that we’re fairly certain that a Yellow Submarine version of the iPod is coming out complete with the entire Beatles back catalog, I have to ask… Read More

  • CrunchGear Boooring Edition: Ask.com Wins Some Award

    I bet that you, me, and even Dupree all use Google for our web search. But when it comes to mobile phone-based searching, it’s really anyone’s game. Know why? Because I’m trying to make a call or send 300 texts within the next hour and I really don’t have time to use my phone for searching. In fact, chances are, if I actually have a WAP or Internet plan for my phone… Read More