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  • The VR-Smartwatch Continuum Crunch Network

    The VR-Smartwatch Continuum

    There’s a lot of enthusiasm at either end of the spectrum for “go big” virtual reality and “go small” smartwatches and other wearable devices. Is the “game-changing” hype of either justified? Or are they overblown? Read More

  • The Reason To Be Cheerful About HoloLens Crunch Network

    The Reason To Be Cheerful About HoloLens

    With the release of the HoloLens, Microsoft put something out there that has a chance of being transformative. Not in the high concept way, but in a general way especially for gaming. But is Microsoft able to bring it home, or will it get lost in its own ambitions as it has so often before. Read More

  • The Message Is The Product: Solving Mobile Gaming’s Price Problem Crunch Network

    The Message Is The Product: Solving Mobile Gaming’s Price Problem

    The medium is the message, says Marshall McLuhan. If so the message is the product too. In considering the problem of paid games on mobile (conventional wisdom says people won’t pay for them) it seems more than ever that that reasoning applies. Mobile game makers don’t market premium, so they can’t charge premium. Time to take a leaf from Hollywood’s book. Read More

  • The Perfect Gaming Phone Crunch Network

    The Perfect Gaming Phone

    As a recent acquirer of an iPhone 6 Plus I had thought that a bigger phone would have better battery and be easier on my eyes. However what I hadn’t expected was the degree to which playing games on it would be much more fun than on my previous iPhone. Read More

  • An Open Letter To Tim Cook About Game Censorship Crunch Network

    An Open Letter To Tim Cook About Game Censorship

    An open letter to the CEO of Apple to change the company’s mind in how it handles the vetting of game content, as happened this week with Papers Please. Video games are an art form just like movies or music and deserve equal treatment. Read More

  • Investing In Games: Broad Or Deep? Crunch Network

    Investing In Games: Broad Or Deep?

    Suppose two studios approach you. Studio A has a strategy centered around making a big play on one game. It plans to take your investment and use it to make that game as best it can and find success. Studio B has a different idea. It plans to make many small games, build a platform and ecosystem between them and see which works. Then to accelerates what works to success. Which should you choose? Read More

  • Crowdfunding Ain’t The Bank Crunch Network

    Crowdfunding Ain’t The Bank

    We in the games trade like the crowdfunding avenue in so far as the money that it brings, but we still struggle to not hold our communities at one remove as we might investors. As a result we are often mistreating fans even when we don’t mean to. We need to get better at the skill of community. Read More

  • The Lesson Of Monument Valley Crunch Network

    The Lesson Of Monument Valley

    I’m fascinated by the reviews left by Monument Valley players after learning that new content was going to cost an extra $2. Why does something so apparently ordinary generate such resentment? Read More

  • What Is Journalism Anymore? Crunch Network

    What Is Journalism Anymore?

    With the increasing rise of YouTubers, movements like Gamergate and so on, questions about the role of journalism abound. Who’s a journalist? What does it even mean to be a “journalist” as opposed to something else? Does anyone really know anymore? Read More

  • Is Mobile Gaming The New Core Gaming? Crunch Network

    Is Mobile Gaming The New Core Gaming?

    With mobile gaming revenue set to eclipse console next and year and PC by 2017, the question should be asked whether what we currently call “core” gaming really is any such thing any more. Or are mobile phone games the true inheritors of that mantle. Read More

  • So Long #Gamergate. What Did You Teach Us? Crunch Network

    So Long #Gamergate. What Did You Teach Us?

    The hashtag is still going, as are the fervent speculations and plans for operations on 8chan and Reddit, but the movement that is #Gamergate is dead. But what, if anything, did it teach us? Read More

  • Why And How To Hire A Game Designer Crunch Network

    Why And How To Hire A Game Designer

    I am a game designer but I don’t envy the task of potential employers or partners in trying to find someone like me to hire. Game design is very difficult to assess from the outside, to understand what role you think it would play in your team and whether it would be a fit. Some thoughts on how to approach it. Read More

  • The #Gamergate Answer Crunch Network

    The #Gamergate Answer

    In response to my article last week I got a fair degree of heated comments, but most civil ones said that the gamergate issue was about journalistic integrity. Is it? Or is it actually about the culture of games? And how does that affect the industry going forward? Read More

  • The #Gamergate Question Crunch Network

    The #Gamergate Question

    Depending on how closely you follow the gaming and tech press, you may have heard of #gamergate. Those of us inside the industry have. This week it’s essentially all we’ve been able to talk about. How has this reactionary movement spawned from sexist roots managed to go so far, and what does it say about the industry? Read More

  • Mobile’s “One Game Wonder” Problem Crunch Network

    Mobile’s “One Game Wonder” Problem

    Mobile gaming is a massive success, but it’s notable how many big game makers struggle to convert their successes into longer term franchises or other offerings. This week’s King news is just another example. Perhaps with stronger community features, however, that could change. Read More

  • The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part Three Crunch Network

    The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part Three

    In the last of this three part series on the constant factors of game design we’re talking all about the role of the player as character (or not) and powerful draw of purpose. Read More

  • The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part One Crunch Network

    The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part One

    In the first of a two part series exploring game design, this article discusses the idea that games operate within a universe of defined constants, meaning traits to do with play that stand independent of platform, audience or technology. Read More

  • How Real Will Wearable Games Be? Crunch Network

    How Real Will Wearable Games Be?

    Wearables, primarily smartwatches, are in many ways a compelling idea. Yet do the actual wearables we’re seeing offer anything like that? From a gaming standpoint are they really that big of a deal, or are they more a case of high-hopes and maybe-one-days? Read More

  • The Numinous Veil Of Ignorance Crunch Network

    The Numinous Veil Of Ignorance

    In watching the latest drama unfold over Facebook and its experimentation with users, I’m moved to argue that sometimes you can be too honest. For game makers especially sometimes it’s better for users not to know, for you to hint and inspire but never reveal the inner secrets. To preserve the numinous magic, it’s often better not to show the man behind the curtain. Read More

  • Pirate Radio, YouTubers And Video Games Crunch Network

    Pirate Radio, YouTubers And Video Games

    YouTubers are considered a big boon by some, but also a big threat by others. Game developers in particular sometimes feel that what they’re doing is less journalism/coverage and more like pirate radio, exposing and spoiling their games for profit. Is that true? How will this latest innovation find its place? Read More

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