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  • Intel Eyes Web TV As Aereo Turns Legal Screws On Networks [Docs]

    Intel Eyes Web TV As Aereo Turns Legal Screws On Networks [Docs]

    It’s hard to believe we’re not stuck in some strange time warp, as it’s beginning to feel (again) like TV is the next hot thing. Well, really, web TV. For one, The Wall Street Journal today reported that Intel is rumored to be developing a web-based, pay-TV service and reportedly has been pitching media companies on creating a “virtual cable operator” that would… Read More

  • Vodafone Releases Webbox $100 Web-Surfing Keyboard For Emerging Markets

    Emerging markets need the Internet. Whether they’re looking up commodity prices or contacting loved ones overseas, users in developing countries like South Africa and Ghana need a way to get online and this unique device from Vodafone looks like a logical and quite elegant way to do just that. The device is a keyboard with a standard set of RCA cables sprouting out of the back. You plug… Read More

  • Italy's H-Farm is an incubator with ideas – and it's coming to London

    Italian startup incubator H-Farm Ventures is running a competition with $200,000 prize money to fund the the 10 most original and potentially successful ideas for web shows, interactive formats and what they call “trans-media narration”. Cirkus is a competition that ends on September 5th, 2009, and is open to anyone who can come up with a fresh and engaging web based program. Read More

  • MSN Web TV, "Just like a computer only cheaper! :-)" says craigslist ad

    Oh, my. Remember the MSN Web TV thingie? Yeah, it hooked up to your tube TV and gave you access to the internet – or something like that. Anywho, this wonderfully descriptive and accurate craigslist ad for one landed in my RSS reader this morning. So if you happen to have $40 bucks and live in the Flint, MI area, you can own one – “it’s perfect for teenagers!” Read More

  • KDDI develops the world's first free viewpoint video technology for Web TV

    Tokyo-based KDDI R&D Laboratories announced [JP] they developed a technology that makes it possible to distribute free viewpoint video through the web. The research arm of the Japanese telecommunications powerhouse has been working on the technology for several years. KDDI claims users will be able to watch video from various angles. The technology will only work when the video material… Read More