• Sony revolutionizes portable music players by adding external speakers

    I don’t envy the PR people who have to write press releases. They can never just call a spade a spade. Case in point, Sony’s new S Series Walkman. Its main feature is built-in speakers. But instead of just saying it has built-in speakers, it’s instead a “unique user experience” that adds “a new social element to the world of digital music and video.” Read More

  • Sony X-series Walkman reviewed favorably

    Sony’s new X-series Walkman has been reviewed by T3, with the author saying that it “isn’t just an iPod rival. It’s a Walkman saviour.” Read More

  • Sony X-series Walkman up for pre-order, features Slacker Radio

    Surprise! It looks like Sony’s soon-to-be-released X-series Walkmans feature a built-in Slacker Radio application that allows users to fill the device up with music from the streaming radio service when it’s within range of a Wi-Fi connection. Read More