Former Voodoo PC head Rahul Sood talks about the road to real token sales

This week on Technotopia I interview Rahul Sood, former founder of Voodoo PC and the current CEO of Unikrn, an e-sports betting service. Sood, who spent a number of years at Microsoft Ventures, starte

VoodooPC Founder And Microsoft Ventures General Manager Rahul Sood Is Leaving Microsoft To Start Another Company

The Microsoft angel investor and former head of VoodooPC, Rahul Sood, today announced that he is leaving the company and his role at Microsoft Ventures to start another company, something called Unikr

Voodoo responds to closure rumors

Late last week, a rumor broke that HP might be giving its gamer¬†enthusiast brand, Voodoo, the boot. Turns out, that wasn’t entirely true as it sounds like Voodoo is going to be brought in under

Hewlett-Packard shutting down VoodooPC?

Classify this as rumor right now, but from the sounds of it, VoodooPC might not be around much longer. Ironic too, that the boutiques two year purchase anniversary is coming up on Sept 28, that the

VoodooPC Announces Quad-Core Gaming Rig

If you’re in the market for a new gaming computer, then take a look at the new quad-core Omen from VoodooPC. The Omen features Intel’s new quad-core Core 2 Duo Extreme processors, 2GB DDR2

Big Brand Vs. Boutique: Does It Really Matter?

With HP buying VoodooPC last week and Dell purchasing Alienware earlier this year, there’s been more than a few comments around the Web on how these mainstream vendors will impact the quality of