voice command

  • Samsung Instinct from Sprint's Speech to Action feature highlighted

    I’m going to say one thing for Sprint: they’re selling the Instinct with some aplomb and intelligence. By taking entire pages from the iPhone playbook, they’re basically building buzz around the only alternative to Cupertino’s greatest I’ve seen all year. They kind of dorked out in the beginning with their GPS video but this one is pretty good. I mean… Read More

  • Another Reason To Stay In Bed: The Voice-Command Universal Remote Control

    What’s the point of getting out of bed anymore? We might as well be bedridden for the rest of our lives the way technology wants to improve our otherwise active lifestyles. Sheesh. The Voice-Command Universal Remote Control. Need I say more? Fine. The latest offering from Hammacher Schlemmer works with your TV, VCR, DVR, DVD, cable box, and satellite by the sound of your voice. It… Read More