viva pinata

  • Now we can speculate about the imminent arrival of Killer Instinct 3

    Blame Rare for starting anew the age-old Killer Instinct 3 rumors. This time around, several Killer Instinct characters (well, their names) can be found in the recently released Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise. B.Orchid, Uncle Tusk and Fulgore can been seen scampering around well-kempt gardens. The Piñatas appear only after scanning in vision cards, of which Maxconsole has a photo. My guess… Read More

  • Viva Pinata could bring together DS, XBox 360 gamers

    Mr. Miyamoto, tear down this wall! DS and 360 gamers may soon be united by their hatred of Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise, a game that simulates brain death. The game uses the 360’s camera to track and decode trading cards. These cards can also appear on devices like Zunes, cellphones, iPods and… DSes. MTV is positing that the upcoming Viva Pinata title for the DS may include… Read More