viliv s7

  • Best Buy now hawking Viliv's wares

    Viliv makes some hot, little portables. That’s a fact. The X70 and S5 touchscreen along with the S7 convertible netbook are among the best in their respective niche markets. But previously the products were only available from online retailers, which of course limits their visibility from a whole segment of potential customers. Starting Monday though, Best Buy shoppers will be able to… Read More

  • Review: Viliv S7 Premium

    True story: About two months back I was walking through my house with the then-new Viliv S7 convertible netbook. I started babbling to my wife while she was tending to the kids about how much I loved this little netbook. Even though she clearly couldn’t care less, I went on to proclaim that if Apple would have gotten in on the netbook craze, its model probably would have been something… Read More

  • A week with the Viliv S7

    So I have been using the Viliv S7 regularly for about a week now and I have concluded that it is the best netbook I have ever used. But yes, it’s a netbook. The S7 might have a touchscreen, convertible design, super long battery life, and a modest size SSD, but at the end of the day, it’s a luxury netbook. Read More

  • First impressions of the Viliv S7

    This, my friends, is the Viliv S7. Mr. DHL just dropped it off. Let me say that this is one nice convertible, touchscreen netbook. Many commenters on the last post concerning the S7 baulked at the price, but I can tell you now that I’m holding it that the Viliv S7 is solid, well built, and a fantastic form factor. So far I love it besides a few small but important details. Read More

  • Viliv S7 spotted on Dynamism with pricing info

    Think that the Viliv X70 is hot? (It is.) The unreleased S7 is shaping up to be even hotter with a 9.5 max battery life, physical keyboard, and convertible design. Our review model is currently somewhere over the Pacific so until we can post some hands-on images and first impressions, head over to Dynamism. The retailer just posted the S7 product page that not only lists all the specs but also… Read More

  • The Viliv S7's battery gets tested in Korea

    Viliv went all official on the S7 a couple of weeks ago. The hot convertible tablet definitely sparked my interest, especially the 4700mAh lithium polymer batter that is said to have up to 9.5 hours. That’s hot. Well, some folks in Korea got their hands on the portable and put that battery to the test. The results really aren’t that surprising. Read More

  • The Viliv S7, everyone

    Viliv is back again with yet another UMPC for the Korean market. Inside, the hardware is about on par with the X70 that I just reviewed with 1024 x 600 touchscreen, an Intel Atom Z520, 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD hard drive, and Windows XP. The S7 is equipped with a physical keyboard which should make it a tad easier to tweet. There is a chance though that by the time Viliv imports the UMPC to… Read More