Picsio: Victor JVC goes after the Flip with new 1080p camcorder

<img src="" /> Victor JVC seems to finally have realized how well the Flip sells over in North America. The company has n

Victor JVC to roll out a 46-inch 3D LCD (but it costs $7,000)

<img src="" /> <a href="">Victor JVC today announced the GD-463D10 for t

Victor-JVC rolls out new portable audio player for Japan

Today Victor-JVC announced [JP] they will be adding a new portable audio player to their Alneo series of portable media players, the XA-M10/20/40. Hitting Japan in early September, the 1GB XA-M10 is e

Victor-JVC rolls out new portable media players in Japan

Today Victor-JVC presented their newest portable media player, the alneo V [JP], which will go on sale in Japan at the beginning of July. The device features JVC’s proprietary K2 technology for

New 3 in 1 HD recorder from Victor-JVC

Yesterday Victor-JVC unveiled a new recorder [JP] in Japan, which is capable of simultaneously recording two programs on either VHS, DVD or HDD. The DR-HX500 comes with the following features: –