• Picsio: Victor JVC goes after the Flip with new 1080p camcorder

    Victor JVC seems to finally have realized how well the Flip sells over in North America. The company has now announced the Picsio GC-FM1 [JP], a mini camcorder recording video at 2.03MP and shooting pictures at 8MP. The Picsio offers 1080p output at a 4:3 ratio (1,440×1080, 30fps). Alternatively, you can go for a 720p, VGA or QVGA mode. Read More

  • Victor JVC to roll out a 46-inch 3D LCD (but it costs $7,000)

    Victor JVC today announced the GD-463D10 for the Japanese market [JP], a 46-inch full HD LCD TV with a 3D function. But it’s not necessarily suitable to watch Jaws 3D on the device. Victor JVC is targeting mainly businesses, research facilities and medical institutions, promising superior picture quality and a good 3D feeling. Read More

  • Victor-JVC rolls out new portable audio player for Japan

    Today Victor-JVC announced [JP] they will be adding a new portable audio player to their Alneo series of portable media players, the XA-M10/20/40. Hitting Japan in early September, the 1GB XA-M10 is expected to retail for $110, while the 2GB XA-M20 will cost $130. The XA-M40 with 4GB will be sold at the beginning of October for $150. The players will be available in red, pink, blue, black… Read More

  • Victor-JVC rolls out new portable media players in Japan

    Today Victor-JVC presented their newest portable media player, the alneo V [JP], which will go on sale in Japan at the beginning of July. The device features JVC’s proprietary K2 technology for improved sound quality, a 2-inch color LCD display and a 5-band equalizer. MP3/WMA/WMV/WAV files are supported. Available in red, blue, black and white, the alneo V measures… Read More

  • New 3 in 1 HD recorder from Victor-JVC

    Yesterday Victor-JVC unveiled a new recorder [JP] in Japan, which is capable of simultaneously recording two programs on either VHS, DVD or HDD. The DR-HX500 comes with the following features: – HDMI connection
    – D4 connection
    – 500 GB HDD
    – VHS player / recorder
    – DVD player / recorder (DVD-RW/-R)
    – Digital / Analog TV tuner
    – DTS and Dolby… Read More