• Vaja letting down customers, unable to fulfill orders of very pricey custom iPad cases

    Remember a few months back when I recommended Vaja’s gorgeous iPad cases? Yeah, I totally rescind that endorsement. It seems the company can’t handle their business and are unable to make good on the orders placed for their very expensive iPad cases. Worse yet, their customer service does not reflect the bespoke-type product they portray. How a company expects to get away with this… Read More

  • Vaja now doing iPad cases, pretty but expensive [UPDATE: BUYER BEWARE]

    UPDATE: You may want to avoid these cases. Click here for one buyer’s horror story. Vaja knows how to make good looking gadget cases. Case in point, the Sony VAIO P Vaja case. That case alone make me want the overpriced and underpowered VAIO P. The same thing goes for the Vaja iPad cases. I almost want to get an iPad just so I can get that blue and white case. Read More

  • The must have Sony VAIO P case by Vaja

    If you’re going to drop the coin on a Sony VAIO P, you better get a case. And it should be one of these from Vaja. Read More

  • This week in iPhone 3G cases: The Leather Ones

    A slew of cases have followed in the wake of the iPhone 3G release last week. For now: The Leather Ones… Read More

  • Vaja Balance Wraps Your Blackjack In Leather

    David Ciccone at Mobility Today got his grubby paws on the new Vaja Balance fitted case for the Samsung Blackjack. Vaja is known for their customizable cases so you can pretty much get them in any color you want. I’m not a big fan of cases for phones, but this one doesn’t seem to be too bad. If I had a Blackjack I might be tempted to get one. Prices start out at $65. Product Page… Read More

  • Admit You Have a Zune, Win A Vaja Zune Case

    We have a winner! Tricia popped up in our random drawing. Bought a Zune? Need a case? Drop a comment under the post describing why you love your Zune SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and we’ll send one lucky commenter a handsome Vaja Balance Zune case. The case is really very nice. It’s made of thin leather and has a great feel to it, so you’ll be pleased. It comes with these… Read More

  • Vaja Releases New iPod Nano Cases

    So you got your hands on a colorful 2G iPod Nano but need a case? Fear not. Vaja just announced four new cases for the Nano and they look pretty gnarly to be honest. There’s the Classic (pictured above) for $34, the Classic Top for $40, I-Volution Holster for $30, and I-Volution with hook for $45. All the cases can be customized to your liking and are available in over 1000 different… Read More