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How Startups Should Use Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economic principles sometimes feel manipulative. How can they play a role in user-centered product development and marketing?

Past Behavior Does Not Determine Future Purchases

Ever wonder why after buying shoes online (or any other consumer goods), for the next few weeks or months, you can be sure to spot ads or promotions for those same shoes on nearly every website you vi

Planting The Seed: Silicon Valley, Mind Control And Finding Order In Chaos

“The seed that we planted in this man’s mind may change everything.” – Dom Cobb (Inception). While this quote reads to most with only a Leonardo DiCaprio-style swagger, it is rapidly becoming

YC-Backed Framed Data Helps Developers Understand The People Behind Their User Numbers

With more marketing tools like Facebook's ad platform around, getting smartphone users to install your app is increasingly straightforward. A study recently found that the average American user has 25