University of Electro-Communications

  • Video: Touchscreen Sends Tactile Information Through The Display Onto Your Hand

    I am not really sure if this is awesome or unnecessary, but here we go: Japan’s University of Electro-Communications has developed a small touchscreen that sends tactile information through the display onto the palm of your hand. In other words, it’s supposed to make you “feel” what’s going on on the screen. Read More

  • Video: Online Kiss Transmission Device

    I don’t know how to start, so here we go: students from the Japan’s University of Electro-Communications have created a device that (kind of) makes it possible to transmit kisses over the web, from one person to the other. The way it works is that you use your tongue to move a piece of plastic, which is attached to a connected box, to simulate a kiss. Read More

  • Video: This Pair Of Glasses Is Actually A Personal Navigation System

    We’ve shown you several cool personal navigation systems (PNS) in the past, but this prototype offers something new as it doesn’t require the user to constantly look at a display. It’s essentially on a pair of glasses that’s equipped with a battery, LEDs, a microcomputer, and a magnetic direction sensor – even though the system (unfortunately) needs more hardware… Read More

  • Mini robot climbs up and down water and gas pipes to inspect them

    A research group from Japan’s University of Electro-Communications has developed a mini robot that’s able to move freely inside water and gas pipes with a diameter of 10cm or more. The robot can climb up and down pipes as long as they are made of iron as it uses a magnet for its magic. Read More