Umoove Opens A Selective Android SDK For Its Mobile Head-Tracking Tech

Israeli startup Umoove is reaching out to developers in the Android camp, with the launch today of a beta SDK for Android devs wanting to use its face and eye tracking technology.

Umoove Launches iOS Game To Make The Case For A Face-Tracking Gesture Interface On Mobile

Umoove is a mobile-focused Israeli startup that plays in the eye- and face-tracking space. It's just today launched an (iOS) app that showcases its face-tracking technology -- to get developers and us

Umoove Is Poised To Blanket The World With Mobile Head-Tracking Tech, With Or Without The Galaxy S IV

Israeli startup Umoove has attracted a lot of attention for its head- and eye-tracking technology after early reports that it might be powering a feature that does the same in Samsung's Galaxy S IV. N