• Twitterfone Releases Full Audio Interface For Twitter

    Twitterfone launched in May to let Twitter users post new messages by calling in to a phone number and speaking out what they want to say. The service then converts the message to text and posts it to your Twitter account along with a link to the audio file. Here’s a test message I created at the launch. The service is a great way to leave a quick Twitter message when you’re away… Read More

  • Use TwitterFone For Easy Voice-To-Text On Twitter

    Twitter is certainly usable via SMS on a mobile device, but typing messages on a phone is cumbersome. A service that converts voice to text and then posts it to Twitter could be a niche hit. A number of services have launched to allow users to record messages and link to the recording from Twitter (see Twitsay, Twittergram). And services like Jott and Spinvox are providing tools that allow… Read More