• Sayabit Turns Files Into Sharable Short URLs

    There plenty of ways to share files over the Internet (I like or Skype). But when you want to share something with the world, or a larger group of friends, the place to do that increasingly is on Twitter or Facebook. Today a new file-sharing service called Sayabit launched which turns your files into short URLs which can be passed around more easily. If the file is an image, then… Read More

  • TwitDoc: Proving That Every File Format Will Eventually Be Shareable Over Twitter

    Twitter is quickly turning into the media sharing platform of choice for many people, despite the fact that it, uh, doesn’t have any actual media sharing functionality. But a variety of services are popping up to fill the need, including countless Twitter-specific sites for sharing images, music, and video. Today TwitDoc is launching what appears to be the first service for sharing… Read More