Stay of Execution — Evi May Stay In App Store If It Doesn’t Look Like Siri

Only yesterday we <a href="">reported</a> that <a href="">Evi</a>, a new iPhon

Apple Prepares To Pull Evi From App Store. Did It Slap-Down Siri?

Last month we <a href="">reported</a> on the launch of <a href="">Evi</a>, a new iPhone (<a h

True Knowledge sets out to find the most boring day in recent history

<img alt="" src="" title="True Knowledge" class="shot" width="300" height="60" /><a href="">True Kno

Natural language Q&A engine True Knowledge hits 3m users and 300m facts

<img src="" alt="" title="Picture 39" width="300" height="60" class="shot" /><a href="">True Knowled

Google's Norvig Is Down On Natural Language Search

Don’t expect to see natural-language search at Google anytime soon. Despite the buzz of startups like Powerset and, to a lesser degree, true knowledge, Google’s head of research Peter Norv

True Knowledge looks for API beta testers

Search startup True Knowledge, reviewed here, is seeking beta testers for its API service. The UK startup, which recently won Angel funding, has developed an application which (deep breath) represents