• This Lizard-Inspired Robot Does A Barrel Roll

    This Lizard-Inspired Robot Does A Barrel Roll

    In today’s episode of “Post Featuring A Robot Doing A Barrel Roll,” we present the FlipBot, an RC car that uses the tricks used by real lizards to flip in midair. It’s essentially a car with a tail. When the FlipBot takes a sweet jump, the tail spins quickly to twist the body of the car in the air while the tail essentially remains in the same position. Given that… Read More

  • A cool trick to keep your laptop safe from customs

    Bruce Schneier doesn’t like people snooping in his stuff and neither should you. He posted a clever solution to the problem of encrypting your laptop so it cannot be unlocked if you are under duress. While it is not foolproof, it prevents anyone – customs officials included – from scouring your laptop on landing. Why? Because you won’t know your own password. Read More

  • How the Downandup Worm works

    This is pretty interesting: there’s a new worm called Downandup that basically uses social engineering to spread itself. Take a look at that screenshot. Notice anything weird? Read More

  • Bad reception on your Nokia E71? Just don't touch it.

    According to BGR, the Nokia E71’s signal catchin’ abilities aren’t exactly meeting expectations. In places where signal generally flourishes, they’re reporting little to no service. The problem purportedly stems from the placement of the cellular antenna. Tucked behind the only plastic part of the phone, the antenna hangs out down near the bottom of the rear side of… Read More

  • Magician Doing Green Laser Tricks Here’s a video of a pretty cool magician doing some rad tricks with a green laser beam that looks pretty powerful. Obviously some mirrors are involved, but watch the whole thing and you’ll see that this guy is no amateur. Any readers who dabble in magic want to fancy a guess how he’s pulling off some of these moves? Laser magician [MAKE] Read More