• Reversible portable keyboard/trackpad combo

    Interesting. Here’s a small-footprint keyboard and trackpad combo with the obvious oddity being that the keys are on one side while the trackpad is on the other. The Econo-Keys EK-76-TP is designed “for medical and industrial environments” by being easy to clean and resistant to dust and dirt. Oh, and it costs $131, so it’s not exactly consumer-friendly. But the… Read More

  • Button-less multitouch trackpad coming from Synaptics

    Synaptics, purveyor of fine touchpads, recently demonstrated its upcoming “ClickPad,” which is basically a button-less multitouch trackpad that’s “ideal for space constrained netbooks where real estate is at a premium in the palmrest.” Read More

  • Replace the MSI Wind’s touchpad for $8

    Apparently MSI has recently swapped out the Synaptics touchpad on the MSI Wind with a touchpad from Sentellic. What’s the difference, you might ask? Well, that thing you’re able to do with Synaptics touchpads where you gently stroke your finger up and down the right-hand side of the pad to scroll up and down web pages and documents isn’t available on the Sentellic models… Read More