Tom Anderson

RocketFrog Wants To Build The Largest Social Casino On The Web, Myspace Tom Joins As Advisor

Today brings another entrant into the social gambling space with <a href="">RocketFrog</a>, which is setting out to bring casino entertainment to Facebook with the launch of a f

Is G+ Putting Facebook On The Defensive?

If it's not obvious yet, Google+ is going to be able to "undercut" Facebook when it comes to game developers and platform transactions. Instead of taking a 30% cut of all Farmville seeds (or whatever

Five Things I Learned At MySpace That Could Help Google+

This is just a guess, but I'd bet money that Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz probably feel like their heads are going to explode. Anyone on the G+ team who really cares about G+ is probably getting

How To Build An Audience On The Internet: The Kevin Rose School Vs. The Fred Wilson School

<em><strong>Editor’s note</strong>: This guest post is written by <a href="">Tom Anderson</a>, the former President, founder and first friend on MySpace