Continental’s eco-friendly concept tire includes a renewable tread

Many efforts are underway to reduce the environmental impact of cars, but what about the tires those cars ride on? Continental thinks it might help, with its new Conti GreenConcept tire.

How one founder partnered with NASA to make tires puncture-proof and more sustainable

This week’s episode of Found features The SMART Tire Company co-founder and CEO Earl Cole, a one-time Survivor champion whose startup is working with NASA to commercialize some of its space-age

Startup founded by ‘Survivor’ champ debuts airless bike tires based on NASA rover tech

As NASA is quick to remind people, the investments it funnels toward space exploration often wind up improving life on Earth — and it’s now in the business of speeding up some of that work

Electric vehicles are changing the future of auto maintenance

The automobile business is highly interdependent, and no more so is this felt than in the $500B afterservice market.

Goodyear’s AI tire concept can read the road and adapt on the fly

Goodyear is thinking ahead to how tires – yes, tires – might change as autonomous driving technology alters vehicle design, and as available technologies like in-vehicle and embedded machine learn

Video: Bridgestone Showcases Airless Tire

It's not the first of its kind (Michelin already showed a prototype), but it looks like the airless tire <a href="">Bridgestone</a> has developed is the most advanced we

New honeycomb tire takes 'run-flat' to a whole new level

US Soldiers and Michigan drivers share one thing in common. The absolute need for better run-flat tires. Soldiers have to deal with IEDs and weapon fire where Michigan drivers have to pilot over

Japanese designers create fashion bags with recycled tires

Tokyo-based design company Mondo Design [JP] is approaching the concept of recycling from a fresh, new angle. They produce business bags and other items with a quite unique material: used tires. The p