• BlackBerry Thunder appears in VZW's system

    Everyone, even your mom probably, knows that there is a new BlackBerry Storm coming soon from Verizon. It’s only a matter of time before RIM or VZW announces the updated 9550. CrackBerry just got a screenshot showing a curiously unannounced BlackBerry Thunder. Could this be the next Storm? Read More

  • Vodafone bringing the BlackBerry Storm to the UK?

    We’ve got a bit of good news for anybody lookin’ to get their mitts on the BlackBerry Storm over in the UK. According to Pocket-lint, Vodafone will be bringing the touchscreen handset to the sovereign isle sometime in the next two months. Read the rest at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm images leak out from Verizon employee briefing

    Some tipster managed to sneak their camera phone out to snag some shots during today’s internal Verizon employee briefing on the BlackBerry Storm. One’s a basic product shot, while the other two show the handset’s browser in landscape and portrait orientations. Sure, the shots sort of look like they were taken from the inside of a space helmet during a snow storm, but this… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm prep papers show up at Verizon stores

    Click image for the embiggened version Today’s supposed to be the big news day for the BlackBerry Storm on Verizon and, lo and behold, documents prepping Verizon employees for the news have started hitting desks. While it doesn’t mention pricing or reveal the release date, it does confirm the high-resolution touch screen (“RIM’s highest resolution screen… Read More

  • Verizon BlackBerry Storm announcement coming on Sept. 15?

      Word is circling that a Verizon internal email foreshadows some “exciting news” tomorrow, September 15. Forums are abuzz that the news really is the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm announcement derived from the emailed image showing clouds and a fingerprint. We already knew that the Storm’s launch was pushed back to November-ish so a possible announcement timing does fit… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm delayed 3-4 weeks for technical certification?

    BoyGenius is reporting that at least a birdie or two dropped by with a bit of bad news for those anxious for the BlackBerry Thunder Storm: it’s facing delays. Read the rest at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm delayed 3-4 weeks for technical certification?

    BoyGenius is reporting that at least a birdie or two dropped by with a bit of bad news for those anxious for the BlackBerry Thunder Storm: it’s facing delays. If what they’re hearing is right, “Technical Acceptance” testing and adjustments at Verizon HQ may set the Storm back 3-4 weeks to a mid-November window. As BlackBerry’s first touchscreen, the Storm is going… Read More

  • BlackBerry to kill itself with virtual keyboard?

    Apple’s iPhone 3G has the App Store, 3G connectivity and legions of fans. RIM’s BlackBerry has business class ubiquity, a physical keyboard and the not-so-unfortunate fact that it rhymes with crack. Pros and cons on both sides of the smartphone fence, but Apple is making inroads as an enterprise solution, the traditional breeding grounds of the BlackBerry. One of the biggest… Read More

  • BlackBerry Thunder gets its Verizon model number, possibly dated

    With Verizon carrying an 8130, an 8330, and a 7130, is it really any surprise that they’ve re-dubbed the BlackBerry 9500 series (Thunder) as the 9530? Some sneak managed to grab a screen cap of the latest product inventory screen, and shot it over to the guys at BGR. There it is, in all its glory: BB9530T. The source also solidified past murmurs that the device would launch on the… Read More

  • Rumor: BlackBerry Thunder to launch on October 8

    According to Fudzilla, the highly anticipated touchscreen device from RIM will launch on Verizon Wireless on October 8. Let’s take this one with a huge grain of salt since Fudzilla isn’t really known for this sort of thing. We all tend to leave RIM-related news up to BGR and now CrackBerry. Anyway, Fud claims that their moles are saying the Thunder will be equipped with a… Read More

  • BlackBerry Thunder isn't quite ready for production, keyboard stinks

    According to BGR, Crackberry‘s info on the BB Thunder keyboard is utterly false and, in fact, the haptic keyboard is complete garbage. That’s what one of our RIM ninjas are telling us! We’ve got the scoop on the BlackBerry Thunder, and contrary to most reports, we’ve been told that the unit is nowhere near being able to enter production, let alone being released. Read More

  • Blackberry Thunder's keyboard kicks ass, reportedly

    More news about RIMs anticipated ‘iPhone Killer’ the BlackBerry Thunder, says RIM’s new touch keyboard kicks ass. The “juicy” details include: localized haptics meaning when you pess the screen, it feels like you pressed a button on the screen, and both a full Qwerty keyboard, when the handsets in landscape mode, and SureType keyboard, for… Read More

  • BlackBerry Thunder, Motorola VU30 to get Verizon's version of visual voicemail

    The Motorola VU30 AKA the Utopia and the BB Thunder are getting Verizon’s visual voicemail solution which which is basically just like the iPhones except from Verizon. Not earth-shattering but the Thunder is definitely shaping up to be a strong phone and it’s clear Motorola isn’t bankrupt yet. Read More

  • Boy Genius rocks the Verizon BlackBerry Thunder

    While we can’t report that Boy Genius isn’t a freak (“You all know the Thunder right? Well, looky looky who got a cookie. Yeah peoples, live shot of the BlackBerry Thunder right here.”), we can report that he has some more information on the BlackBerry Thunder, the “iPhone-killer” from RIM. Not much new – just a big screen and a bunch of buttons… Read More

  • WSJ reveals launch date for BlackBerry Thunder

    After the BGR first announced to the world that Verizon and Vodafone would have exclusivity to the Thunder, the WSJ did a little more digging and managed to find out that the device will launch in Q3. That’s it for now. Read More

  • BlackBerry Thunder to be exclusive on Verizon

    Did I just say that the norm is for AT&T to get RIM’s latest BlackBerries first? FAIL. According to the BGR, Verizon will have exclusive rights to the Thunder aka 9500 aka Storm aka the first touchscreen BB. But fret not BB fans for the Thunder will be a world traveler like its 8800 series brethren and run GSM HSPA. It’s a bit unclear whether it will be EV-DO or possibly 4G… Read More