• A quick look at Lenovo's ThinkCentre M90z desktop

    Ready for your daily dose of viral marketing? This Lenovo video is just that, but it’s also an interesting look at the development of Lenovo‘s upcoming ThinkCentre M90z all-in-one workstation. These folks know all-in-one desktops and the M90z looks to be the best yet. Launch data and specs should drop soon. Hopefully. Read More

  • Lenovo releases new ThinkCentre A62 desktop

    The A62 is a fairly staid ThinkCentre desktop that should sell for about $399 in September. It runs an AMD 15w CPU, the Athlon 2650e, on select models and is aimed at businesses trying to reduce their energy bills or, dare we say it, go green. It includes all of IBM’s fleet add-ons like Express Repair, Dash 1.1 remote trouble shooting, and ThinkVantage for hardware maintenance. Read More