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  • 25 Startups That Will Be Shaping The Next Web

    April promises to be quite the busy month for European startups that are preparing to launch on stage. As Mike Butcher wrote earlier today, GeeknRolla will be rocking London on April 20, with a host of great speakers and fledgling tech companies dying to show off their stuff. A week after that, I’ll be attending the fifth edition of The Next Web conference, an annual event held in… Read More

  • Our Friends From The Next Web Go International, Launch 8 Local Tech Blogs

    Before I started writing for TechCrunch, I did a brief stint at The Next Web, a tech blog published out of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It was fun, mainly because its founders are positively insane and famously quirky. Today, they’re taking their online media company forward with the launch of eight new local blogs focused on technology, startups, news, internet culture and the future… Read More

  • The Next Web Is Just Around The Corner (The Conference, That Is)

    The Next Web Conference 2009 in Amsterdam is quickly approaching, and it’s promising to be a good show again this year even if it won’t be Erick Schonfeld moderating the event this time. TechCrunch Europe’s Mike Butcher will be there though, and so will I, so hook up with us if you’re heading down to the conference too. In case you haven’t registered yet… Read More