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The Daily Muse Expands From A Community For Professional Women To “The Muse,” A Career Destination For Everyone

The Daily Muse is rebranding today to serve a wider audience. The company has expanded and is going under the name The Muse now, which includes job listings, company profiles, and a career advice publ

The Daily Muse, The Community For Professional Women, Looks To Reinvent The Company Profile

Job boards and company profiles on job sites can be fairly uninspiring, and bland. Usually there's a boring description of a job, followed by a list of skills needed followed by a boring description o

The Daily Muse Wants To Bridge The Gap Between Glamour And The NYTimes

Female-focused site <em><a href="">The Daily Muse</a></em> officially launches today, wanting to provide smart women with a place to go online for relevant content that does