the cloud

The new world order for open-source and commercial software

We have been living through another cold war. Not geo-political -- digital. Open-source software versus commercial software has long been on the brink of going nuclear, fought in the shadows with enor

A Guiding Light Into The Future Of Marketing

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a feast to the eyes, but an overload of the senses. Separating the profound from the gimmicks and the trends from the distractions is vital, but hard. For me, th

Apple Watch And Holistic Presence

What if you went to start your car and Apple Watch stopped you? Yes, Apple Watch, with your permission, knew you had spent time at a bar, monitored your heartbeat and other physiological data and saw

Goodbye iPhone, Hello Smartphone

I started a new full time job at about the same time that my 2-year AT&T contract ended. My new job provided me with a Blackberry Bold 9700, to chain me to the corporate teat. I opted not to renew

Fallout: New Vegas Shows The Danger Of Leaning Too Heavily On The Cloud

<img src="" />Bethesda released Fallout: New Vegas for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC yesterday. The reviews fill me with great hope, particula

Video: AMD explains the explosive growth of the Cloud (there's no stopping it!)

[youtube] From the good folks at AMD comes this, a video explaining the wonders and joys of moving all of our computing… to t

3G networks at breaking point, says WiFi provider The Cloud

<img src="" alt="" title="logo" width="186" height="91" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-17026" />[UK] This has vested interest written all

WiFi for UK iPod touch users

Do you live in London like Pete Doherty and have an iPod Touch? Well then! Leave that pipe at home and head out into the streets baby, ’cause you’ve got yourself some WiFi for that iPod To

AT&T Adds More WiFi To Europe

Nothing special here, just good news for those of you living or visiting Europe in the future. AT&T has teamed up with The Cloud to offer over 9000 new WiFi hotspots around Europe, bringing the to