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  • Does Apple Value Secrecy More Than The Environment?

    Does Apple Value Secrecy More Than The Environment?

    According to new research from Pew Internet, 82% of American adults own a cell phone, Blackberry, iPhone or other similar devices. And 65% of adults who own them say they have slept with their cell phones on or right next to their beds. Yet consumers don’t know what these devices are made of exactly, and what their environmental and health impact may be. Phone manufacturers… Read More

  • Confirmed: Jajah Sold For $207 Million

    The reports from a few days ago that the Jajah deal with O2 closed at $200 million were correct. Telefónica Europe (aka O2) just announced that it bought Jajah for 145 million Euros ($207 million) in an all-cash deal. Jajah, which provides Internet calling services and thus competes with Skype, was on the block since at least November (which TechCrunch was first to report on), following… Read More

  • Source: Jajah In Middle Of Bidding War That Could Drive Price Up To $400 Million

    There appears to be a good old bidding war going on for another VoIP startup, Jajah, following yesterday’s news about the acquisition of Gizmo5 by Google, a source in Silicon Valley with knowledge of the talks informs us. Details are scarce at the moment, but Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Telefónica Europe (O2) are said to be looking to buy the venture capital-backed company for a… Read More