• Tecmo allegedly owes employees $77,000 in back pay

    Trouble at Tecmo? The Japanese video game house, already facing one lawsuit from ex-exployee Tomonobu Itagaki (the strange-looking fellow who always wears sunglasses and thinks Dead or Alive sold well on the merit of its gameplay), now faces another lawsuit. Two employees filed suit against the corp yesterday, claiming that it illegally placed them on something called “flexible… Read More

  • Ninjas, Pirates and Black Ops to hit XBLA next Monday

    Before I getting started, I would like to know if you guys want us to inform you of upcoming XBLA releases. Leave a comment if you hate it else I’ll keep going with the updates. Coming next Monday to a Xbox 360 near you is Ninja Gaiden Black, Sid Merier’s Pirates! and BLACK. Each game is 1200 Microsoft points. For our foreign readers, I should inform you that certain games… Read More