• Teamslide web presentations go hosted

    Teamslide is a service that lets presenters show online slides to audiences while talking on the phone. It’s like WebEx, but for slides instead of full, live screen sharing. There’s a one click conversion tool to make PowerPoint slides usable in TeamSlide. Mike Arrington reviewed the service when it launched in April and said that the very low cost could threaten players like… Read More

  • Teamslide could disrupt WebEx

    Munich, Germany based Teamslide is a new and very low cost alternative to services like WebEx, Placeware and GotToMeeting that allow people to share applications (like power point) online. A typical use of WebEx, Placeware, GoToMeeting, etc. is a sales call. The host, or presenter, sets up the call using WebEx software. The attendees click a link in an email at the scheduled time, and everyone… Read More