TEAC intos the self-standing ITB1000 iPod dock

TEAC is introducing a monolithic iPod dock that is sure to feel right at home in a chic loft. The ITB1000 packs a 2.1 speaker setup into the single tower, but sadly, the 15Wx2 power rating proves thi

Reference 200: TEAC rolls out ultra-compact all-in-one audio system in Japan

TEAC Japan today announced the CR-H228i [JP], a new compact audio system (215x359x110 mm), which will go on sale in Nippon on November 21 (price: $500). The system comes with two 30W speakers, is comp

TEAC rolls out turntable, cassette recorder, CD recorder in retro digs

If you happen to still have LPs laying around and have sometime to dub ’em onto a digital medium, this TEAC player might be for you. Or, if you happen to have grandparents that still enjoy their

TEAC HiFi: Bone Conduction Style

I’ve grown very fond of my hearing in the last few years and that’s a sad thing to say at my age. I often find myself saying, “huh”, more than I like to. After having my Able Planets my ears c

NXT Announces New iPod Dock Equipped Systems

NXT has announced today the debut of two new ultra-thin hi-fi systems, both sporting an iPod dock. These two new products (CD-X10i and MC-DX22i) utilize the profound SurfaceSound technology that will