• Ozura World Buys Affiliate Marketing And Ad Network Tatto Media For $60 Million

    Mobile social network game developer Ozura World has acquired affiliate marketing network Tatto Media for $60 million. It’s unclear what the breakdown of the transaction is in terms of cash and stock. Tatto Media, which is an affiliate-based ad and marketing network, has somewhat of a checkered past. First, the company was banned from Facebook in 2009 for deceptive in-game ads. Tatto has… Read More

  • Tatto Media Continues To Push Free Poster Scam

    Last month I wrote about a new scam that’s performing extremely well among the Scamville crowd – a free poster that’s tied to a $30/month ongoing credit card subscription. There’s no disclosure of the ongoing credit card subscription anywhere on any of the checkout pages except in the terms and conditions via a link. People think they are just getting a poster for… Read More

  • Free Posters! AKA Scamville, It’s Back.

    The thing about Scamville is, whenever all the bad press about ripoffs dies down everyone in the ecosystem just jumps right back in. There’s just way too much money to be made by everyone from Facebook on down to the guys actually performing the swindle. Tatto Media is behind this most recent scam (they were also a protagonist in the original Scamville). But the offer aggregators… Read More