• Sony Japan busts out cassette(!)/radio/CD-player combo

    It’s not a joke: Today, Sony in Japan did announce [JP] a portable cassette tape/radio/CD-player. Technically, the CFD-A110 is based on a model Sony introduced exactly seven years ago. The company updated the hardware because Japan plans to stop analogue radio transmission next year (the updated model can’t receive these signals). Read More

  • It just takes 70 cents and a day of work to beat biometric airport fingerprint scans

    Japan (and the US) are using biometric fingerprint readers to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from entering the country. Last month, it came to light that several South Koreans passed through the biometric immigration screening despite previous deportation records by using special tape on their fingers. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Micro tape gun for tiny eBay'rs

    Selling a lot of small items via the 1998 internet sensation eBay? How about ditching that full-size tape gun and spend $2 bucks for this little guy. It uses Scotch tape refills but works the same way as its monstrous brethren. Still, sending a small box via UPS taped up with just masking tape might not be the best shipping technique. Anyways, the Micro Tape Gun is $2 and available at… Read More

  • Some posts write themselves: Tape Tape Dispenser

    Instead of making pithy jokes about this Tape Tape Dispenser, which you can get for about $25, we figured we’d let you, the readers, make them. Please use the comments on this post to be humorous about this fun looking desk gadget. And if you’re funny enough, we’ve got something else coming for you guys in a couple of weeks. Tape Tape Dispenser [Coolest Gadgets] Read More

  • USB Tape Dispenser: Just What it Sounds Like

    I sit at a desk. I am a messy guy. I, like many of you, require more USB ports than I currently have. When I find something that solves many problems at one time, I get happy. This tape dispenser has a built-in USB hub, and it belongs on my desk. I can never find my tape, you see, but if it were tethered to my G5 and my mouse, I would know right where to find it. That is important to us slobs. Read More