• TagCow Focuses Photo Tagging Product On The Enterprise

    TagCow is a company that I quite frankly never thought we’d hear from again. We first discovered them in March when they launched a product that tagged things in photos, seemingly by magic. If it was automated, they’d done something with computers that even Google still uses humans to do – recognize stuff in pictures. Then it turned out that TagCow was using humans also… Read More

  • Chinese Photo Site Tuyuan May Do Facial Recognition. Or It May Just Put Boxes Around People's Heads

    I can’t really say much about Tuyuan yet since it’s in Chinese and there isn’t much information (translated page here), but it certainly looks like they’re trying to tackle the facial recognition problem that has destroyed many a startup. We’ve seen Riya (now focused on ecommerce via Like.com), Ookles (never launched), and Polar Rose (in private beta for nearly… Read More

  • Need A Job? Make $1.20/hour Tagging Photos

    New service TagCow caused a bit of a stir over the weekend. The product seemingly solves the problem of auto-categorization and tagging of photos, something that seems to still be beyond the processing power and software skills of most startups. Users upload photos – thousands of them if they like – and within a few minutes the photos are returned with stunningly accurate… Read More

  • Image Recognition Problem Finally Solved: Let's Pay People To Tag Photos

    Most people have thousands of digital photos sitting on their hard drive. And the vast majority of those photos aren’t tagged or searchable. Want to find the 300 pictures of your youngest son amongst 10,000 others? It’s not going to happen. Unless you’ve been diligently tagging and categorizing those photos over the years, and who does that? The problem is obvious. The… Read More