Watch The New Phorm iPad Mini Case Generate Physical Keys Out Of Thin Air

Apple’s touch-based devices have changed the way we interact with computers entirely, but that hasn’t stopped users from occasionally thinking wistfully of the days when physical keyboards

Tactus Taps Wistron To Bring Its Magical Physical Touchscreen Buttons To The Masses

Tactus makes keyboards that appear out of seemingly flat glass touchscreen surfaces, thanks a fluid-based layer that reacts to electrical signals to create rises and bumps that serve as keys and butto

Tactus Raises Series B To Help Bring Its Disappearing Touchscreen Keyboard To Market

There were plenty of media darlings at last year’s CES, but few tickled people’s fancies the way that <a target="_blank" href="http://tactustechnology.com/">Tactus</a> and its <a href="https://tec

Tactus And Synaptics Create A Reference Tablet For OEMs With An Amazing, Disappearing Keyboard

One of the most impressive things we happened upon at CES this year was the <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/01/13/this-is-the-future/">Tactus keyboard</a>, a special fluid-filled layer that could

Hands-On: Tactus Technology Gives Flat Touchscreens The Middle Finger With Pop-Up Buttons

This actually works. I touched it. I played with it. And I fantasized about a bubble wrap app. Tactus Technology stopped by our CES booth for a short demo of its crazy touch screen technology. Usi