• Swivel Adds Sharing, Becomes Google Docs For Enterprise Data

    We’ve long been fans of Swivel, a service that lets users upload, manipulate, chart and share data. Our first post about them, in 2006, was titled Swivel Aims To Become The Internet Archive For Data. But with their newly launched groups feature, Swivel can now be the data archive and metrics dashboard for the enterprise, too. Before groups data uploads were either private (in draft mode)… Read More

  • Swivel: The Toast Of The OECD

    I spoke at the bi-annual OECD conference in Istanbul last week. One of the big themes of the conference was what policies and products to use to fully leverage all of the official government economic, social and environmental data that flows into the organization. At the end of the conference the Istanbul Declaration was signed, calling for member countries to make their official governmental… Read More

  • Swivel Is Now Live

    Swivel, the new Minor Ventures startup that we wrote about yesterday, is now live. Go compare the increase in U.S. wine consumption to the the drop in crime, or see how extreme temperature fluctuations (in Fresno) equal big profits for electricity utilities. I already see a lot of fairly useless data included on the site, which makes the good stuff harder to find. As the active community grows… Read More

  • Swivel Aims To Become The Internet Archive For Data

    Swivel Co-founders Dmitry Dimov and Brian Mulloy start off by describing their company as “YouTube for Data.” That’s a good start for someone trying to understand it, because the site allows users to upload data – any data – and display it to other users visually. The number of page views your website generates. Or a stock price over time. Weather data. Read More