• Wii's Marble Mania makes you a better surgeon

    Regular Joes can use the Nintendo Wii to lose a couple of pounds, yes, but now it looks like doctors can also benefit from a couple of rounds of Marble Mania. A study found that surgeons who played games, specifically the aforementioned Marble Mania, scored as much as 50 percent higher on some little surgery simulator thing. The game is like the Monkey Ball series where you steer a ball around… Read More

  • Gamers Make Better Surgeons

    A study appearing in the Archives of Surgery has found a strong correlation between gaming skills and strong surgical skills. Surprise, surprise. After looking at 33 doctors at the Beth Israel Medical Center, the study’s authors discovered that those who played video games did better at 36-hour surgical skills test. They also proposed that video games are a great way to train brain… Read More