• Videos: Two Super-Quick Robot Sumo Duels

    Japan loves robots, and Japan loves sumo. So what would be more obvious than robot sumo? The so-called FSI Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament recently took place in the Ryogoku hall in Tokyo (where the real sumo wrestlers have their tournaments, too, by the way) – and we have two videos from the finals. Read More

  • Review: Sumo Lounge Sway Couple

    It may seem strange to review a beanbag chair, but as I discovered, there are bean bag chairs, and then there are bean bag chairs. The Sumo Lounge Sway Couple definitely falls into the latter category, and could make most people rethink what a beanbag chair can be. The end result is a really comfortable chair that’s constructed with modern materials, and is a quality product that is… Read More

  • CTIA 2006 Coverage: Morons – FIGHT!

    For your enjoyment, a recreation of the noble and traditional art of Japanese Sumo as performed by two drunken fools. Read More