• And Fastest, Most Reliable URL Shorteners. Tr.Im Comes Up . . . Short.

    When it comes to shortening links, the brevity of the URL is not the only factor you should consider. Speed and reliability are also important. After all, the main purpose of URL shortening services such as and TinyURL are to redirect you back to the original (long) link someone shortened in the first place. You want the redirect to be fast and reliable. The rise of Twitter and… Read More

  • Stumbles Out Of Beta, Officially Enters URL Shortening Wars, StumbleUpon’s URL shortening service, has come out of closed beta. StumbleUpon, which was recently freed from eBay’s clutches, tossed its hat in the URL shortening ring earlier this year. We first heard about in March when StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp Tweeted about it., like other shortening tools, lets you shorten a URL and share it across Twitter, Facebook… Read More

  • Can Short Links Save StumbleUpon? (250 Private Beta Invites)

    Any self-respecting Website these days has its own URL shortening service for easy syndication of links across Twitter, Facebook and other status streams. There are services such as and TinyURL. Digg has its controversial Diggbar (which helped lift unique visitors by 20 percent). Hell, even we use our own custom short URL domain ( via Now, StumbleUpon, which was… Read More