• Twine Tries To Manage The Stream With New Coverflow-Like Design

    What is the best way to sift through a stream of information? The list view seems to be the most popular because it is information-dense and easy to scan, but it can be overwhelming. More visually appealing ways to manage data are needed. Twine, a site which lets you collect and subscribe to different interest feeds, just introduced a new way to wade through its streams. The new Flash… Read More

  • StumbleUpon Launches Video Referral Site, StumbleVideo

    StumbleUpon’s social browsing application has been such a big hit that the company is launching a separate site for video referral called StumbleVideo. StumbleUpon is a browser toolbar that recommends Web sites based on viewing patterns of other people with similar user profiles. StumbleVideo will do the same type of recommending for video, only it is not a browser extension. It is a… Read More