• Star Wars prop designer sued by Lucas over copyright

    A prop designer from the original Star Wars films is in court battling the empire of Lucasfilm in the UK. Andrew Ainsworth was one of the original costume designers for Star Wars and was responsible for the final look of Stormtroopers, Sand People, and other characters, especially the masks or helmets. Since the movie, Ainsworth’s been selling replicas, notably of Stormtrooper armor, out… Read More

  • Attack of the Clones: Garrison Carida of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion

    The Garrison Carida members of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion are a dedicated and crazy bunch, but in a good way. Aside from their normal appearances at events like this one at the FI, they also do a ton of community service around the area like handing out toys during the holidays and visiting sick little kids at local hospitals. It’s a tight knit group that makes all their own costumes… Read More

  • Stormtrooper LAN Party

    [livevideo id=60D524C8826B472CA4F55ED42B434F81/23555/stormtrooper-lan-party.aspx]
    Stormtrooper LAN Party This is one of the craziest effin’ things I’ve ever seen. Since simply attending a LAN party isn’t nerdy enough, these guys threw it into overdrive and dressed up as characters from the ultimate nerd movies: Star Wars. I’ve been to a lot of LANs in my day, but, for… Read More