Reframe It Retreads Web Annotation As A Browser Add-On

<img src="" /> The idea of annotating the Web has been around for a long time. It goes back to a failed Web 1.0 startup calle

Blogrovr Blog Recommendations: New And Improved

Keeping up with your favorite blogs can be somewhat of a chore. Robert Scoble talks about following over 700 feeds each day. But if you find that many feeds overwhelming, limiting yourself to a few bl

Five Ways to Mark Up the Web

In 1999, Eng-Sion Tan and two friends launched Third Voice, a browser plugin that would let anyone make annotations on webpages. The intent was to encourage freer speech on the internet, but many slam

Stickis Launches Syndicated Web Annotator

Stickis, which we covered briefly back in October last year is launching its service this afternoon. Stickis, at first glance is a FireFox and Internet Explorer plugin much like other web annotation p

Annotating Your Web with Stickis

In 1999 Eng-Sion Tan launched a company called Third Voice, a browser plug-in that created a sidebar on web pages and allowed surfers to annotate the page by adding their comments. The service quickly