• Dumpy $25 boombox beats out high-end stereos

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the $25 Tesco Value MC-907, the winner of UK’s Annual Reevoo Customer Choice Awards 2009 in the Hi-Fi Systems category. It beat out the second-place $275 Roberts Sound MP43 and the third-place $150 Sony MHC-EC78PI. The awards are based entirely on owner reviews, which goes to show you that either people in the UK have terrible hearing or nobody gives a… Read More

  • Man installs 6,400-watt sound system in garage, subwoofers the size of mini-fridges

    How loud is too loud? Apparently NOT 120 decibels, according to Todd Whitworth, who has a large barn full of classic cars and a stereo system that pushes out more that 6,000 watts. Whitworth uses the barn to relieve stress, saying “I go to my car barn, crank the music as loud as I can and wax my cars. No matter what happens with my work, that drowns out everything else. It’s my… Read More

  • Bikes with huge sound systems: Hey, why the hell not?

    Good afternoon. Hey, what ever happened to riding your bicycle like a normal human being, using it as a method to get you from Point A to Point B and, on the weekends, Point C? I don’t know and I don’t much care. If loading a 20-pound bike up with 200 pounds of stereo equipment brings joy to someone’s life, I say GO FOR IT! If your hundred-some dollar bike has $4000 worth of… Read More

  • Replug saves your headphones, stereo equipment from certain death

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a device for headphones that acted like Apple’s MagSafe technology? You could just dance around for hours, not worrying about ripping your stereo system out of the wall. Thanks to a company called Replug, you can now do just that. You basically plug your headphones into the Replug device then connect the device as a “middleman” to… Read More