Steorn Now Being Openly Mocked

Irish startup Steorn blew the hugely hyped demo of their new perpetual energy machine when “excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area” led them to abort the affair. However, th

Futuristic Energy Source Still Futuristic

Forget the battery problems plaguing electronics. Steorn, and Irish technology startup, has a better idea: free energy. They claim to have created a device, called the Orbo, that can generate electric

Steorn: Too Hot Today For Free Energy, Please Come Back Later

So much for the much hyped Steorn demo – after getting the world all jazzed up for a quick rewrite of the laws of physics the other day (they promised to break the fundamental law of conservatio

Laws of Physics Apparently Being Rewritten Today

Update: They blew it. No reason U.S. independence day should slow the news down in Europe. Look for the long awaited demo from London of Steorn’s new Orbo device today, which supposedly creates