• Startup Weekend San Francisco In Full Swing

    We covered Startup Weekend Atlanta a week ago. Now the team has rolled in to San Francisco for a multi-day event with the single goal of building a new startup, from idea to launch. The new company will be called helphookup, a site to connect people who want to volunteer their time to good causes with the people who need help. Follow their progress here. The group says 132 people showed up… Read More

  • Startup Weekend's Most Recent Startup: Skribit

    Andrew Hyde’s Startup Weekend, born out of the TechStarts event this last summer, has been busy. The company goes from city to city, organizes developers to spend a long weekend deciding on a new business idea and then building it. Everyone who shows up is a founder, and everyone has equal equity in the new thing, whatever it ends up being. More than a few dustups have occurred in… Read More