• SplashCast Throws In The Towel On User-Generated Content; Looking For A Buyer

    The allure of building a business around user-generated content is fading fast. SplashCast, a company which launched two years ago around the notion of helping consumers put together videos, text, graphics, and music in embeddable broadcast “channels,” is discontinuing its original product. “Most of us would rather consume than create. This is one of the big ticket findings… Read More

  • SplashCast Figures Out That To Make Online TV Social, It Is All About The Chatter

    One of the most social video experiences I’ve ever had on the Web was watching the Obama Inauguration speech on CNN.com alongside a live chat stream of commentary from all of my Facebook friends. It was like being in a giant living room that stretched across the country and hearing everyone’s reaction as the event unfolded. The same dynamic on much smaller scale is happening… Read More

  • SplashCast Bringing "Sexy Back" to Facebook

    Online multimedia player SplashCast has announced some new partners and has released a new branded multimedia player on Facebook . Launch partners include Justin Timberlake, Pink, and Chris Brown, who are offering official branded players. The SplashCast Facebook application allows users to add a player to their profile that includes a customized skin and comes preloaded with RSS feeds of… Read More

  • SplashCast Expands Media Player

    SplashCast, an embeddable Flash media player, is improving its product today. They are now allowing publishers to turn any RSS feed with a media enclosure, such as a podcast or videocast, into a channel on their player. Previously SplashCast only allowed RSS feeds from YouTube and Flickr. Now, any feed can be added. The best way to understand SplashCast is just to look at the player, which… Read More

  • Splashcast Launches One Player to Bind them All

    Portland based SplashCast is launching this morning after a long beta period. Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote a long review late last year after demo’ing the product (and he liked it so much he now works there). Splashcast is a little hard to describe, but once you get it it makes sense. It’s a Flash media player where the user can make various channels of content – including… Read More

  • Marshall Kirkpatrick Joins SplashCast

    SplashCast, an online media publishing company, has informed us that former TechCrunch writer Marshall Kirkpatrick will join the company as director of content. Kirkpatrick reviewed the service in November. He will now be responsible for SplashCast’s overall media strategy. “For the past few weeks I’ve been planning on working independently but the combination of… Read More

  • Splashcast Aims to Offer A Frictionless Web Media Player

    I got an early look last week at a media publishing tool being developed by Portland startup Splashcast and what I saw looked like something that anyone tired of overbranding and limited options in online media is sure to like. The product, which is still several months away from launch, is a clean, simple system for publishing channels of video, photos, audio and text via RSS feeds to a… Read More