• Spiderman Gets BSOD

    Poor Spidey. All he wanted to do is use his computer in this Megabloks set. But unfortunately, when he went to open Word 98, he got the infamous blue screen of death. Perhaps if Spiderman had chosen a more reliable OS for his supercomputers, such as Linux or OS X, he’d be able to get his computer working so he can go kick Venom’s ass. But alas, he’s stuck trying to pull off… Read More

  • Case Mod: Peter Parker's PC

    Pictured above is a case mod that would bring a tear to Aunt May’s eye. The CoolerMaster case mod features Spidey’s chest piece on one side and his mask (hung upside down, of course) on the other. When the chest piece side is removed, you can see the interior of the PC through a glass cut out, along with more Spidey decals. The PC lights up red (instead of the traditional blue of… Read More