sony style

  • Sony lets us look at the Vaio Pocket's keyboard

    Sony should have a very, very good product up its sleeve or otherwise they risk getting slammed by the tech blogosphere for making a huge fuzz about its soon to be released subnotebook Vaio Pocket. Read More

  • Sony Vaio Pocket: Details of Sony's new UMPC leaked

    The mysterious UMPC Sony has been advertising through a short “mystery campaign” over the last days doesn’t seem as overwhelming as Sony suggested, at least if you look at the the first details of the device that seem to have leaked on Christmas day (Sony took the page off a few hours ago). Read More

  • Sony To Offer In-Store Tech Support

    The next time you cruise by the Sony Style store at your local mall, you may find people waiting in line with PS3s, VAIOs, and Walkmen. Don’t be alarmed, as they’re simply there trying out Sony’s new in-store tech support service. Dubbed “Backstage”, this service will be available in NYC and NJ Sony Style stores and certainly resembles Apple’s Genius Bar setup. Read More